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Event: Staff Wellbeing Workshop
Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Time: 9.00am
Category: Educational Services - Wellbeing
Location: T B C
Event Cost: $0.00
Year Level Suitability:
Registration Closed: 24/10/2017
Program Outline/Rationale:
   Overview: The development of this Staff Wellbeing Workshop is based on five of ten Wellbeing factors identified by Mindmatters: The importance of staff mental health and wellbeing in its own right The importance of staff wellbeing as a basis for enhancing student wellbeing The link between personal empowerment and individual mental health status The belief that individual staff have the capacity to change, affect and work with mental health and wellbeing The importance of developing mental health and wellbeing protective factors This workshop can be run either as a full-day workshop at a school or as a series of afternoon workshops. The central purpose of the Staff Wellbeing Workshop is to assist school staff to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing. (Whilst not negating the responsibility of school leadership to foster school climates that minimize stress for teachers). Staff are shown how to seek their own solutions to the stresses they face and not rely solely on others to find solutions for them. Attending to this personal perspective is the primary objective of this workshop. Through the ‘Protective Factors’ inventory, participants are made aware of the wide range of aspects to wellbeing and they determine their own current level of engagement in these activities. The comprehensive ‘Notes’ which supplement the ‘Workbook’ expand on each of these protective factors and guide participants to further reading on the factors which they would have personally identified in the survey as needing attention.

Event/PD Contact: Allan Hutchison
Contact Phone number: 03 5337 7197
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