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Event: Enhancing Staff Cohesion
Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Time: 9.00
Category: Educational Services - ESSG
Location: T B C
Event Cost: $0.00
Year Level Suitability:
Registration Closed: 20/10/2017
Program Outline/Rationale:
   Overview: The workshop can be conducted as a one-day event or as a series of after-school presentations. Three different frameworks are introduced with each having a specific role in the task of enhancing staff cohesion: • Lencioni’s model which focuses on Five Functions of Teams, • Stephen Covey’s framework of Relational Trust • The Personal Style Indicator which has its basis in style psychology. Each of these frameworks has a survey which could be completed by staff (prior to the workshop) to provide data for determining the school’s profile. The data obtained from the first two surveys gives an accurate picture of the overall strengths and challenges for the staff group of the respective constructs of the surveys. The third survey provides each individual who completes the survey with an understanding of their own unique abilities, motivations, skills, attitudes. The collective profile can be used to understand the dynamics that exist within the whole group or sub-groups within the school.

Event/PD Contact: Allan Hutchison
Contact Phone number: 03 5337 7197
Contact Email Address: